Closet Audits

This service allows you to work individually with a stylist to organize your closet.  We are able to determine the items one should keep or remove from their wardrobe.  This service is ideal for those transitioning through a life change, or big career move. It allows us to reinvent your wardrobe, basing new purchases off of the foundation you have already created. 

Personal Shopping 

A personal shopping experience that is customized to your wardrobe style and budget.  We start with a consolation in order to determine the best styles and needs for each client. The individual may choose to have items preselected and brought to their home for a fitting.  Or the client can join the stylist for a shopping experience. The stylist selects the stores based upon the client's style, and the garments and sizes are preselected for a leisurely day of shopping. 

This session can be done one-on-one, or with a group of friends.